Commercial Outdoor Lighting Checklist

With the time change it is a good time to review your lighting needs. Is your lighting adequate when needed? Do you have enough lights? Are they staying on all the time or going off too early?

It is good to check the timers if your system includes them to be sure they are set to the correct time. The on and off time to activate the lights can also be changed to meet the needs of your property. If the lights are staying on all day it could be that the photocell is covered by plants, in need of adjustment, or replacement. Walk around your property and check all of your lights. You may be surprised to see how many lights you have on your property. You may also be surprised to see just how many are malfunctioning. Malfunctioning lighting can be a life safety issue or other liability. Lights that are out may just require a bulb, but be sure it is the correct one for your ballast or fixture. It is better to have a licensed electrician evaluate your lights on a regular schedule to prevent larger problems or a dark area on your property causing an accident. Sometimes lights will cycle on and off this can be a sign of a bulb overheating and about to go out or a ballast needing replacement. An experienced electrician will be able to advise you on when to replace or when to upgrade your lights instead of repair. An electrician will also have sources for the parts such as lenses that you may not be able to find yourself. Think about safety as well. Do not lean a ladder against a pole light in a parking lot to work on them. It would save money to have a boom or a lift with a licensed electrician repair your lights rather than having huge medical bills.