Safe and Dependable


An electrical system is the hub of any space, connecting and powering lighting, computers, air conditioners, and more. It requires careful installation and repair to keep things running smoothly. At Sun Vista, our team of licensed, certified electrical technicians is knowledgeable in all current codes and devoted to getting the job done safely and correctly.

Electrical Maintenance Programs

  • We take care of it all – from replacing light bulbs to maintaining parking lot lighting and completing service meter repairs.

New Construction/ System Upgrades

  • We work closely with engineers to develop/create a complete electrical system for any size office, retail or industrial space.
  • With new technology and regulations coming into effect, we retro fit electrical lighting systems and ensure they meet to code.


In our unique New Mexico climate, a building’s properly functioning commercial HVAC system is essential. This is why we at Sun Vista employ a team of licensed, certified HVAC technicians that provide a full range of service from quarterly inspections and tune-ups to upgrades and installations.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Our experienced, friendly technicians preform routine filter changes, equipment inspections, and testing for proper operation.

System Upgrades

  • We ensure that the size of equipment matches the environment of your space.
  • We follow all current codes and make environmental considerations a priority.

 New Installs

  • We work closely with engineers for the most efficient system installs.
  • We are committed to working within your budget for every project.