Heating and Cooling Combo Unit Maintenance

There are huge benefits to having a quarterly maintenance service for your combo heating and cooling units. The main reason is poor maintenance can lead to poor heating and cooling due to ice on the coils, and clogged filters which then can lead to expensive repairs such as compressors, motors, and circuit boards. Maintenance can also reduce operating costs through higher efficiencies.

We usually start our maintenance service with the cleaning of the inside of the unit. This can prevent dust from creating a short in the control board which is a very expensive repair. We also clean the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. This makes the unit run cooler and more effectively and can extend the life of a motor or a compressor. The filter is also changed which can prevent allergens and dust from being recirculated through the system and also help the unit to run more efficiently. The final item we check is the temperature on the liquid and suction lines to see if the unit needs a coolant recharge. We try not to contaminate the system by testing directly but use temperature probes to see if temperatures are in the appropriate range. We recharge the system and repair leaks if any are found. The thermostat is also checked, and batteries changed. Batteries are usually changed every 6 months. If you are using older mercury style thermostats we recommend an upgrade to digital thermostats with multiple programs to increase accuracy, save money, and remove unnecessary mercury from buildings.

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