Project Details

Academy Office Park


Address 6701 - 6767 Academy Rd. NE, Albuquerque
Size 18.3 acres
Year Built 1995

Project Insight

Full service Landscape maintenance, Enhancements, Snow removal, Irrigation, Flowerbeds, Multiple visits, Christmas decorating, Assist property maintenance

Recent projects completed by Sun Vista Landscaping devision include: Replacing and updating plantings to lower water use around the park, Plant replacements, Gazebo wisteria and perennial plantings, Redesign landscaping at 6701, Renovation of the entry sign by removing trees and installing smaller plantings.

All commercial properties have challenges but Sun Vista finds a solution that will look great and benefit the property owner.  In an effort to reduce the disturbance to existing tenants and owners Sun Vista conducts multiple visits weekly, has a same day response to irrigation mishaps and is diligent about customer communication for special needs.

This property has mature plants and trees, which take more time to maintain as property gets older.  Sun Vista Landscaping worked with the owners to provide the level of service needed, while helping to reduce overall costs by renovating with maintenance in mind.

The property owners of Academy Office park place a high priority on the flowerbeds throughout the property.  We aim to balance maximum color and stay in budget by changing from a 3 season plan with 3 separate plantings to a 2 season plan with no fall plantings. This allows the summer annuals to mature all the way into late fall and bulbs follow every other year. This allows the money to be spent where the beds will perform as pansies often don’t do well in our drier cold winters. The bulbs also provide color quicker in the spring before we can plant any summer annuals.

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