Project Details

Jefferson Court


Address 5901-5981 Jefferson Rd. NE
Size 9 acres
Year Built

Project Insight

Landscaping, Enhancements, Snow removal, Irrigation, and Assisting property management

Sun Vista Landscaping has recently completed several projects at the Jefferson Court office park including, renovations at the 5921 building, converting flower beds from annual to perennial and updating the directory sign bed with perennials and updating the shrubs. These are cost saving project for the property owner.

Jefferson Court had irrigation that was aging and trees were maturing which affected the pressure and flow of our systems there.  Our solution to the issues were to conduct constant checks and repairs of low gallon MP rotator heads, tight irrigation management, and updating timers to multiple program timers.  Because of several mature trees on the property the leaf drop in the fall is very heavy. Sun Vista’s Landscaping division now uses a leaf vacuum truck and providing extra labor for fall leaf removal.


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