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Starting to Landscape in February

As we enter early spring this February, even though we may have received some moisture early this last winter, our plants will need some additional water to stay healthy. We should be watering our plants every one to two weeks if we haven’t received any significant winter moisture. When watering in this colder month, be sure to avoid creating a slip hazard by watering only when the air temperature is high enough to prevent freezing. A good indicator as to whether to water or not is if you can comfortably wear short sleeves in the area to be watered for an extended amount of time the temperature is favorable for watering. Keep in mind that north sides of houses and shady areas are colder and may not need watering and pipes here may be frozen underground. Any above ground water valves or backflow devices should not have water left in them to prevent damage. Be sure to drain the system when done. Please call us for a irrigation consultation. 798-9800

In late February moist soils will improve aeration and help with power-raking. Power–raking may not be needed as residential bluegrass lawns do not need power raking every year. This task depends on the amount of thatch buildup. Winter weeds during February are a constant problem and should be removed before they set seed. Pruning of trees and shrubs, perennial bed cleanup, and final leaf blowout are other tasks to perform during February.

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Rich Schorr – Sun Vista Landscaping